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Friday, 19 September 2014

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How To Thrive In Today's Rising Market

Here are the 3 stumbling blocks that almost every real estate agent has:
  • Procrastination
  • Prospecting
  • Disorganization
These can prevent you from thriving in today's rising market. Here are some techniques to help you overcome these obstacles.

If you have suffered from procrastination for years, you are not alone. 99% of all Americans report being held back by their procrastination patterns.
While there is no "quick fix" to get rid of procrastination, there are some powerful steps you can begin to implement right away.

Step 1- Stop beating yourself up. If you keep beating yourself up, you only lower your energy, drive and motivation and start creating a vicious circle of negativity, which leads to more procrastination. Whenever you hear your mind beginning to put you down or beat you up, just say the word STOP, either out loud or inside. Take a DEEP BREATH. Put in a positive new thought such as,
  • "I love and approve of myself 100% of the time."
  • "I refuse to judge or criticize myself when I make a mistake."
  • "I accomplish all tasks in a timely manner.”
Don't hesitate to intervene on your own behalf. In fact, be very vigilant about it.

Step 2- Become aware of the Self-Limiting Beliefs that cause your procrastination. These could be subconscious beliefs about yourself, such as "I'm not good enough.", beliefs about money, such as Tthere is never enough money." or beliefs about success, such as "If I'm successful I won't have balance in my life".
Remember these are not facts, they are just beliefs, and beliefs can be changed.

Step 3- Replace Self-Limiting Beliefs with Empowered Beliefs. Make it a point to say these empowered beliefs to yourself every morning and every evening. This creates a new groove in your subconscious mind, leading to an increase in confidence and a boost your self-esteem:
  • "I have all I need to succeed.”
  • "I am perfectly imperfect like everybody else.”
  • "It's safe to me to be as visible as I want to be.”
  • "I give myself permission to ask for what I want."
  • "I have a valuable service to offer and people are happy to hear from me.”
Here's a BONUS TIP: The next time you get an idea, trust yourself, don't hesitate, just take action. If you take action right away, you will be riding the wave of energy that created that idea in the first place. The action will seem easy and effortless. That's called Inspired Action.
It requires that you Trust yourself, instead of second-guessing yourself.

If you have the mindset that says prospecting means you are begging or you are asking for business, then you will hate it and avoid it. On the other hand, if you have the mindset that prospecting is about offering your gifts and talents to people who really need you, then you will begin to have a positive feeling about prospecting. You will see it as an opportunity to be of service and to give your gifts and your expertise to people who really need it.
The most common self-limiting beliefs, that stop you from prospecting are:
  • "If I prospect, I'm bothering people."
  • "It's not okay to reach out and ask for what I want."
  • "If I prospect, I won't know what to say."
The good news is that the power to change a belief is in the present moment. No matter how many decades you've had a belief, you can change it. You are not stuck with it.
Change your mindset to one of making a contribution. When you wake up in the morning ask yourself, "Who can I help today?” People will sense this and will be immediately attracted to you.
Self-limiting beliefs can be replaced with these updated Empowering Beliefs:
  • "I now realize I did is perfectly safe to be visible.”
  • "I attract my Ideal Clients.”
  • "I have a valuable service to offer and people are happy to hear from me.”
If your offer matches what another person needs then you have a client. If not, then go onto the next. Always remember, there's no such thing as REJECTION.

Most people who are disorganized just think that they were born that way and they can't do anything about it. The truth is that our beliefs create our reality, and if you believe that disorganization is a sign of success, then you will create that. Take a moment to think about what deep-seated subconscious self-limiting beliefs might be causing you to feel stuck about that part of your life.
Ask yourself, "Do I always, 100% of the time, feel that I DESERVE it"?
If you want to thrive in today's Rising Market, you need to feel deserving of having an abundance of all good. Check inside yourself and see if you have picked up any old self-limiting beliefs such as: "I don't deserve a lot of money” or "I don't deserve to have it all”. If you look deeply enough, if very likely be picked up a belief like that in your conditioning.
When you release and reprogram your old Self-limiting Beliefs, you leave room to install updated empowered beliefs. Procrastination, fear of prospecting and disorganization will then become things of the past. You'll be operating from a Pro-Success Mindset which makes you "unstoppable".

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